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    Congratulations !

    ...on having enough of a sense in the importance of a code of ethics to want to check out what we believe in.

    We believe in the freedom of choice...
    ...concurrent with social responsibility !

    We advocate activities that are directly related to improving life conditions for humanity in general and, as a corollary, for each of us as individuals.

    We promote heros and lambast idiots. We take pleasure in the simple things and take aim at simpletons.

    We promote sharing with others, as long as they prove themselves worthy by their actions. Words are too often simply "opportunistic prattle" without worth. We encourage successful people to touch their neighbours, those who have proven themselves.

    We promote Associates who share our values.

    We live by strict Credos that serve to guide us, that provide us with a blueprint for conscientious relationships with our neighbours, our members, our clients.

    To find out more, we invite you to visit the many sections of our site and get a better appreciation of not only who we are, but more importantly of what we are about.

    Merci, and thank you.

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